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Learn From Our Bike Maintenance Courses in Bristol, Avon

Perfect for anyone ranging from novice cyclists to veteran bike-riders who cover hundreds of miles, our bike maintenance courses are tailored to ensure everyone gains an understanding of their bike. The bike repair training we offer in Bristol, Avon, will help customers to grasp the value of each bike part while demonstrating the causes of wear and offering tips for proper maintenance.

Enjoy Independence

When you know how to maintain a bike yourself, you're able to continually maintain its condition instead of only occasionally taking it to be serviced by professionals. Plus, you avoid the expense of being forced to replace multiple components at once due to improper maintenance and wear. Helping clients to become self-sufficient bikers, our friendly team are happy to offer their expert advice.

An Expansive Course

General maintenance, roadside repairs, and tube and tyre fitting are all covered within our lessons. What's more, we'll teach the basics of gear and brake adjustments. All of this is combined with helpful education regarding what is and isn't appropriate to fit on your bike, how long parts should last, and what tasks are required on a weekly and monthly basis.

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Attending a Class

Maintenance classes are typically hosted every other Saturday. Feel free to give us a call to register your interest in attending. Booking you in, we'll prepare an interesting lesson that gives you a greater insight into the operation and maintenance of your bicycle. At just £15 per lesson, our classes are designed to be as affordable as they are informative.

Parts and Restoration

At Sully Cycles, we are huge fans of old-school BMX. Vastly knowledgeable about these brilliant bikes, we provide a parts and restoration service specifically tailored to bicycle motocross.

Contact us today, in Bristol, Avon, to attend the bike maintenance courses and repair training we skillfully provide.