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Restore Your BMX Bike with Genuine Parts in Bristol, Avon

BMX is the greatest cycling sport in the world. When you're searching for BMX parts and restoration services, look no further than genuine, long-time fans of the hobby who offer unparalleled, well-informed services. Based in Bristol, Avon, Sully Cycles considers itself the home of old-school BMX.


BMX in Our DNA

At Sully Cycles, our founder Matt has been riding BMX bikes his entire life. From the age of 25, Matt began collecting these sensational bikes. More than 10 years later, his collection has grown to in excess of 18 bikes while his knowledge and expertise surrounding them has developed extensively. Sourcing, re-spraying, and re-chaining each of his bikes, Matt works to have authentic stickers produced while tracking down genuine, period-appropriate replacement parts that maintain each model's unique style. All of this costs in excess of £3,000 per bike – a worthwhile endeavour to an enduring fan like Matt.

Channelling Passion into Our Work

On his hand, Matt even sports a tattoo of Bob Haro's autograph. Bob is the legendary founder of Haro Bikes™ and an early pioneer of the BMX bike design. Because everyone at Sully Cycles is just like Matt – having transformed a hobby into an obsession, and then a profession – we have the insight and practice necessary to provide matchless BMX-related services including restoration, maintenance, and repairs.

Rebuilding Classic Bikes

Working diligently, we provide specialist advice and assistance in sourcing the parts and sprays that match your BMX bike perfectly. With extensive contacts, we're able to effortlessly connect you with the parts you are looking for. On your behalf, we'll completely restore bikes with trustworthy parts ordered to your exact specification. Ensuring the bike is fully rebuilt, we'll replenish it to show-winning standards.

Get in Touch

When you have any questions related to old-school BMX bikes, don't hesitate to give our team a call. A member of our team is on hand and happy to help you with any queries you may have.

Contact us today, in Bristol, Avon, to take advantage of peerless BMX parts and restoration services.